Bar and Restaurant Francisco Segarra

Bar sideboards, Edwan

Bar sideboard, Edwam. Vintage commercial furniture for hospitality, bars, restaurants, venues.

43,30×21,65xh34,25 in.
110x55xh87 cm.
Reference 09801097

Stock: Available

Restaurant sideboard, Nicole

Restaurant sideboard with metal structure, perfect to storage tableware, cloths, cutlery. BY Fs furniture.

78,1×17,71xh59,84 in.
200x45xh152 cm.
Reference 09801084

Stock: Available

Tall bar stool

Tall bar stool with rusty finish for interior design. Interior design that requires industrial aesthetics.

16,92×16,92xh29,92 in.
43x43xh76 cm.
Reference 13101015

Stock: Available

Restaurant enclosures

Restaurant enclosures, new product manufactured in rusty metal and glass with an industrial look.

179,52×59,05xh149,60 in.
456x150xh380 cm.
Reference 13101084.

Stock: Discontinued

Round bistro table, Gisela

Round bistro table with wooden table top and iron structure. Ideal for cafeterias, bars, restaurants.

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Reference 10501021/23

Stock: Available

Round bar table, Gisela Land

Round bar table made with a sturdy iron structure, ideal for any business, cafeterias, restaurants.

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Reference 10501034/37

Stock: Available

Glass jar lights, Emily

Glass jar lights made of vintage mason jars, with a professional finish ideal for commercial use.

Ø3,54×5,90xh47,24 in.
Ø9x15xh120 cm.
Reference 17501060/61

Stock: Available

Bar ceiling lights, Ronda

Bar ceiling lights with robust metal industrial structure combined with a vintage glass lampshade.

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Reference 17501056/57

Stock: Available

Hanging bar lights, Nerja

Hanging bar lights with industrial style model Nerja. Robust aluminium with an elegant carved glass.

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Reference 17501058/59

Stock: Avaiable

Salvaged antique hospitality tables

Antique hospitality tables with a unique finish due to its wood aged process to highlight your business.

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Reference 11901576/77

Stock: Available

Danish modern furniture Naiara

This contract chair is made of a mango wood structure, combines vintage danish style from the 50´s.

Reference 11301032

Stock: Available

Commercial rattan chairs Nashville

Commercial rattan chairs with an elegant design, they are comfortable ideal for the hospitality industry.

Reference 15001004

Stock: Available

Contract seating made of rattan Lilian

Contract seating made of natural rattan for the hospitality industry. Black, brown and white.

Reference 18201000/03

Stock: Available

Commercial dining chair Norwich

Commercial dining chairs with steel structure, with a comfortable cushioned seat with backrest.

Reference 16801024/26

Stock: Available

Commercial grade bar stools Agora

Commercial grade bar stool with a tubular structure painted in different colour tones and finish.

Reference 09601431/36

Stock: Available

School furniture stools, Fiona

School furniture stools, vintage seating for interior design as restaurant seating by Francisco Segarra.

Reference 17501034/37

Stock: Available

Commercial dining chairs, Fiona

Commercial dining chairs, Fiona. Vintage school type chairs for restaurants, cafeteria, bars.

Reference 17501032/42

Stock: Available

Industrial counter bar stool, Luka

Counter bar stool for the hospitality sector, restaurant stools, vintage aesthetics and scoured finish.

Reference 17501038/40

Stock: Available

Furniture for hospitality industry Saki

Furniture for hospitality industry, vintage furniture with scoured paint finish, recuperated wood.

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Reference 10201080/83

Stock: Avaialble

Vintage commercial shelving, Adela

Vintage commercial shelving made with solid wood and iron with six removable trays. Ideal for the display.

Reference 07101500

Stock: Available

Hospitality counter bar stools Jade

Hospitality bar stools made with cured beech tree wood, seat is stitched with mesh, and wooden backrest.

Reference 11301012/13

Stock: Available

Restaurant service cart Forqueta

Restaurant service cart for the sturdy every day use of restaurants, rusted finish, industrial aesthetics.

Reference 08001235

Stock: Available

Hospitality rattan chair Savannah

Hospitality rattan chair for reastaurants, cafeterias, bars. Commercial furniture for business.

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Reference 12801005/06

Stock: Available

Rattan furniture stool Albany

Rattan furniture as stools made of wood and rattan, they are sturdy, ideal for interior design.


Stock: Available

Industrial bar service cart Kasimir

Bar service cart, hospitality carts, restaurant service cart, rolling storage cart for business.

Reference 07101586.

Stock: Available

Contract rattan furniture stool Garret

Contract rattan furniture as stools, they come with a metal frame, seats are weaved with rattan.

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Reference 18001004/05

Stock: Available.

Folding cafeteria tables Balbina

Folding cafeteria tables are ideal for professional use. Knowing how to yield and optimize the space.

Reference 08001400

Stock: Available

Colourful metal Store bench Agora

Store bench, made of recycled wood with a metal structure, commercial, waiting room bench.

Reference 09601235/56

Stock: Available

Foldable cafeteria chairs Petrona

Foldable cafeteria chairs, recommended for interior design projects, Horeca, hostelry, retail.

Reference 11901218/45

Stock: Available

Vintage contract furniture Libia

Contract furniture made of rattan with an original, functional, elegant and confortable design.

Reference 11301019/20

Stock: Available

Restaurant dining chairs Dalia

Restaurant dining chairs bistro style, ideal for the continous use of business as hospitality chairs.

Reference 11301005/07

Stock: Available

Restaurant and bar stools Gando

Restaurant bar stools Gando manufactured in Elm wood highly resistance, ideal for furniture.

Reference 11301025

Stock: Available

Modern Industrial style bar top

Industrial style bar top , it is made with an aged finish corrugated iron, shleves, bottle rack.

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Reference 07101546/47

Stock: Available

Pendant industrial lamp Agnes

Professional pendant lighting, made with wood and metal with protective mesh inspired in a worklshop.

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Reference 08101199/202

Stock: Available

Wood cafeteria furniture Custer

Wood cafeteria furniture Custer, they are foldable and very convenient for business when space needed.

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Stock: Available

Bar restaurant furniture Brisa, Brisa Land

Bar restaurant furniture contract tables, hospitality tables, high bar tables, restaurant tables.

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Reference 10201019/68

Stock: Available

Contract furniture tables Gisela land

Contract furniture tables as contract furniture solutions for retail, restaurant tables, bar tables.

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Reference Reference 10501048/56

Stock: Available

High Industrial bar stools Kenton, Creta, Randy

Industrial bar stools manufactured with industrial design, original design of bicycle pedals and chains.

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Reference 11801207/59

Stock: Available

Industrial pendant lamps Wilder

Industrial pendant lamps model Wilder, made of two ceiling lamps united by a wood beam with serigraphy.

Reference 08101129

Stock: Available

Industrial restaurant lighting Nikki

Industrial restaurant lighting luminaires for interior decoration of commercial spaces industrial style.

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Stock: Available

Commercial lighting fixtures Kelty H25, H30

Commercial lighting fixtures as ceiling luminaires in black mat, with rose designs made by hand.

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Reference 10901000/01

Stock: Available

Luminaire lighting fixtures Eliptical

Luminaire lighting fixtures Pegaso Eliptical as ceiling lamps,original vintage design, in aluminium.

Reference 10901042/43

Stock: Available

Lights for bars business Pegaso Globo

Lights for bars complemented as ceiling lamps with an original vintage design, manufactured in aluminium.


Stock: Available

Industrial pendant lightings Detroit

Industrial pendant lightings as Ceiling lamps manufactured with aged technique green different finishes.

Reference 08101168/94


Bistro outdoors furniture Minelli

Furniture for business, Parisians chairs and stools with elegant, functional and very comfortable.

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Reference 14401014/15

Stock: Available

Commercial outdoors furniture Abaco, Ipanema …

Commercial outdoor furniture, iconic Parisian style furniture , manufactured on aluminium.

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Reference 14401011/13

Stock: Available

Iconic hospitality lights Olden, Melania

Hospitality lights and wall lights Olden, Melania Ceiling lamps and luminaires with rigid shaft.

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Reference 12601017/22

Stock: Available

Contract furnishings pots, Planters

Planters, pots made of different designs, sizes and materials for the furnishing of offices, cafeterias.

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Reference 08001331/45

Stock: Available

Hotel furniture for sale Magna & Kazan

Hotel furniture for sale Magna & Kazan, sold in two versions. One industrial and golden elegant.

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Reference 08001306/17

Stock: Available

Hospitality suppliers stool Scala Creta

High bar stool made of iron and leather seats Scala Creta with black structure and stitched seat.

Seat Ø12,59in/Ø32cm Height 29,92
and 31,88in 76 y 81 cm
Reference 11801107/60

Stock: Available

Industrial cafe furniture Elevation

Industrial cafe furniture as adjustable table with a hand crank wheel as an original way of adjusting.

Reference 08001316/96

Stock: Available

New wooden retail chairs Eva

Retail chairs furniture Eva, as metal school-style chairs, manufactured by FS, Liquidation sale !

Reference 13401000/02

Stock: Available

Contract furniture supply Consort

Contract furniture solutions as contract sofa manufactured in wood and leather with capitone.

Reference 07101497

Stock: Discontinued

Franchise furniture suppliers Litel

Franchise furniture suppliers with Sturdy iron tables, they are adjustable, Liquidation sale !!

Reference 07101374

Stock: Available

Wall mounted fireplace chimneys

Wall mounted fireplace with decorative wooden chimneys for interior design in restaurants, cafeterias.

Reference 07001054

Stock: Available

Original metal truck bar top TATA

Truck bar top manufactured with the restored frontal of an old truck of the company TATA.

Reference 07101280

Stock: Available

Original set of commercial cutlery

Commercial cutlery for hospitality sector and general food business, contract cutlery for business.

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Reference Cutlery

Stock: Available

Set of tools, restaurant flatware

Box contains set of contract cutlery different materials and finish, Stainless Steel, Iron, and resin.

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Reference 16501000/36

Stock: Available

Collection of Hospitality furniture Berlin

Collection of hospitality furniture composed of auxiliary furniture for the use in public bathroom furniture.

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Reference 15901023/25

Stock: Avaialble

New hospitality bar stools Mews

Hospitlaity bar stools with iron structure, legs in cantilever style legs, cushioned with lines.

Reference 11801045/46

Stock: Available