Contract furniture Francisco Segarra

Low bar table, Mut

Low bar table model Mut. Manufactured with industrial design, iron structure and wagon wheels.

51,18×27,55xh15,74 in.
130x70xh40 cm.
Reference 07101279

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Metal restaurant tables, Loira

Metal restaurant tables for six diners, this commercial table is manufactured with metal structure.

70,86×29,52xh29,92 in.
180x75xh76 cm.
Reference 08001410

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Bar sideboard, Nopi

Bar sideboard model Nopi. Structure made of wood and marble table top. Commercial furniture.

85,25×29,92xh35,82 in.
214x76xh91 cm.
Reference 08001408.

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Plastic outdoor chairs, Julia

Plastic outdoor chairs to be used in restaurants, bars, cafeterias, caterings. Stackable and functional.

20,07×19,68xh18,11/31,49 in.
51x50xh46/80 cm.
Reference 18701000 /02

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Tall bar stool

Tall bar stool with rusty finish for interior design. Interior design that requires industrial aesthetics.

16,92×16,92xh29,92 in.
43x43xh76 cm.
Reference 13101015

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Vintage wall panels, Alison Creta

Vintage wall panels in different models, container doors, luggage, drawers. Restaurant wall panels.

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Round bistro table, Gisela

Round bistro table with wooden table top and iron structure. Ideal for cafeterias, bars, restaurants.

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Reference 10501021/23

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Glass jar lights, Emily

Glass jar lights made of vintage mason jars, with a professional finish ideal for commercial use.

Ø3,54×5,90xh47,24 in.
Ø9x15xh120 cm.
Reference 17501060/61

Stock: Available

Bar ceiling lights, Ronda

Bar ceiling lights with robust metal industrial structure combined with a vintage glass lampshade.

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Reference 17501056/57

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Cafe chairs, Madeira

Cafe chairs made with sturdy materials, wood and metal. Recommended for hospitality use.

14,96×16,92xh17,71 in.
38x43xh45/80 cm.
Reference 13601007

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Wooden retail storage furniture Neila

Retail storage furniture for commercial interior design. Made of wood and reinforced with iron.

Reference 07101528

Stock: Available

Retail accessories decoration shoe box

Retail accessories decoration as a shoe box, for interior design projects with a unique aesthetic.

22,06/x3,77xh11,02xh 23,62in
Reference 11901064

Stock: Available

Antique Shop furniture for retail

Antique shop furniture with drawers, ideal for the storage of merchandise products in business.

Reference 11901551

Stock: Available

Vintage shelving units for shops

Vintage shelving units for shops, to be used in interior decoration projects of businesses, fashion shops.

Reference 11901530

Stock: Available

Vintage display case with glass doors

Old furniture pieces with cabinets and display cases, glass doors. Ideal for the exhibition of products.

Reference 11901529

Stock: Available

Original vintage retail store shelves

Vintage retail store shelves with unique finish, they are original pieces with aged finish for decor.

Reference 11901547

Stock: Available

Large vintage retail furnishings

Vintage retail furniture with large dimensions, to be used as an exhibitor of products, textiles.

Reference 11901546

Stock: Available

Counter height bar stool Nashville

Counter height bar stool made of natural rattan with backrest for interior design projects vintage.

Reference 15001005

Stock: Available

Contract seating made of rattan Lilian

Contract seating made of natural rattan for the hospitality industry. Black, brown and white.

Reference 18201000/03

Stock: Available

Commercial dining chair Norwich

Commercial dining chairs with steel structure, with a comfortable cushioned seat with backrest.

Reference 16801024/26

Stock: Available

Commercial kitchenware Highlands

Commercial kitchenware, utensils, supplies, accessories for restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries.

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Reference 08101099/116

Stock: Available

Old salvaged ceiling luminaires

Ceiling luminaires salvaged from old warehouses, space for two light tubes. Ideal for lighting projects.

Reference 08001407

Stock: Available

Industrial hanging light fixtures Lille

Hanging light fixtures manufactured with cast iron and metallic tulip with industrial aesthetics.

Reference 17501052

Stock: Available

Lighting fixtures for stores Austin

Lighting fixtures for stores manufactured with molten iron moulds, old warehouse lamps design.

Reference 17501050

Stock: Available

Commercial grade bar stools Agora

Commercial grade bar stool with a tubular structure painted in different colour tones and finish.

Reference 09601431/36

Stock: Available

School furniture stools, Fiona

School furniture stools, vintage seating for interior design as restaurant seating by Francisco Segarra.

Reference 17501034/37

Stock: Available

Industrial counter bar stool, Luka

Counter bar stool for the hospitality sector, restaurant stools, vintage aesthetics and scoured finish.

Reference 17501038/40

Stock: Available

Hospitality furniture collection Bianca

Hospitality furniture collection manufactured with scoured paint technique with a marked style.

Reference 15901038

Stock: Available

Furniture for hospitality industry Saki

Furniture for hospitality industry, vintage furniture with scoured paint finish, recuperated wood.

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Reference 10201080/83

Stock: Avaialble

Metal vintage folding tables, Amaya

Vintage folding tables manufactured in metal, they are foldable tables. Convenient yield space.

Reference 08001134

Stock: Available

Contract restaurant table Sushi

Contract restaurant table as commercial furniture for restaurants. Japanese style furniture.

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Reference 12701012/13

Stock: Available

Wood canopy table for restaurants

Canopy table for restaurant, original design to be used in restaurant terrace, outdoor cafeterias.

Reference 07101356

Stock: Available

Commercial tables for restaurant Niza

Commercial tables for restaurant with wheels to be used in commercial business in the hospitality sectors.

Reference 11801074

Stock: Available

Marble cafeteria tables Escorial or Anna

Cafeteria tables made with forged iron structure with round table top and laquered in colour White.

Reference 08001184

Stock: Available

Hospitality counter bar stools Jade

Hospitality bar stools made with cured beech tree wood, seat is stitched with mesh, and wooden backrest.

Reference 11301012/13

Stock: Available

Leatherette commercial armchairs Jesica

Commercial armchair for hotels lobby, restaurants, halls. In the hospitlaity sectore, retail or leisure.

Reference 11501007/015

Stock: Available

Vintage office floor lamps Alter

Office floor lamps, contract floor lamps for interior design, decoration projects with industrial aesthetics.

Reference 08101268

Stock: Available

Vintage commercial luminaire Kase

Commercial luminaires with industrial aesthetic, it has a shiny metal with copper shine. Industrial luminaires.

Reference 08101148

Stock: Available

Rattan furniture stool Albany

Rattan furniture as stools made of wood and rattan, they are sturdy, ideal for interior design.


Stock: Available

Rattan restaurant chairs Garret.

Suitable for the hospitality sector,lightweight that makes it easy to carry around the restaurant.

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Reference 18001000/03

Stock: Available

Folding cafeteria tables Balbina

Folding cafeteria tables are ideal for professional use. Knowing how to yield and optimize the space.

Reference 08001400

Stock: Available

Seats for cafeteria, Vince

Seats for cafeteria with metallic structure, backrest and mango wood slots. ideal for business.

Reference 13601039

Stock: Available

Hospitality seats Billana, Jacinta

Hospitality seats made of mango wood structure upholstered in cotton, sackcloth but with soft tact.

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Reference 11801283/85

Stock: Available