100% FS Francisco Segarra

Francisco Segarra unveils an intrepid interior design. A unique restaurant, Nº5 burger.

Nº5 burger Garage, the latest most intrepid and bold interior design by Francisco Segarra, in a restaurant design that is like travelling to a mechanic shop from the 70’s. The first garage bar in Spain as a new restaurant concepts.

Casa Victoria, vermouth place with a tapas bar interior design with family tradition.

Design and decorate a tapas bar, they were necessary to be charged with emotional involvement and evoke the family history of the owner; Victoria Del Hoyo Herrero, designer, founder and CEO of myblüchers.

Tapas interior design, Casa Victoria.

Francisco Segarra a firm in the forefront of creation of spaces with new challenges.

The arrival of the New Year brings time to reflect. A date that marks a beginning and an end, we close a cycle and we leave behind twelve months that left a print in every level, This is the ideal moment to embark on new objectives.

Start up business ideas for 2017

Interior design with authentic Basque flavour in Estraperlo Restaurant.

the intention was to preserve the traditional image of the Basque country. Francisco Segarra has been able to encapsulate and embody the concept with his own seal of identity.

Estraperlo Restaurant.

Get caught red handed with Francisco Segarra´s latest project for La Finca CARNIco.

Carnivores from any class searching for top quality and honest product, no matter if they use the term tournedos, quart or half, they gather in the new CARNIco. An exclusive Francisco Segarra project.


Hospitality interior design project in Malabar by Francisco Segarra.

After making the interior design Project of the gastro tasca La Guindilla, Francisco Segarra took over the creation of a new space for the group La Guindilla, a reference point in the hospitality industry in Castellón.


¨El refugio¨Reopens after renovation in charge of Francisco Segarra

This assignment was motivated by the entrepreneur spirit of the owners that after detecting the necessity of a general renovation to update the space that has been open for 15 years on full use.

El Refugio

Decay and sophistication in the FS decoration of the restaurant Tr3ce

¨food concept¨ in the centre of Valencia Located in Calle Calatrava 12 bajo step away from the Serrano towers and the cathedral Victoria del Hoyo and Francisco Segarra unite creativity in singular showroom restaurant

Tr3ce restaurant

Loft style Aesthetics present in Decoration of the Restaurant Bistro Tarelka22

¨Tarelka22¨ is located in the film studios ¨FilmUA¨. A site located in an old cannery factory where the installations where projected to the purest loft style. The restaurant which is in the original old factory canteen.

Tarelka 22

The Blue Coffee Presentation of Innovations for Hospitality Projects.

Interior design Projects for hospitality business, made by the general manager of our contract furniture firm, in an experimental mode by the petition of a client in New York, to develop a new cafeteria franchise ideas

The Blue Coffee

Decaying luxury mark the interior design project of ¨Hamburgueseria Nº5¨

Nº5 is more than a conventional hamburger place, its interior design doesn’t leave space for improvisation, every single detail has been planned. Furnished and decorated with collection pieces of furniture.

Hamburgueseria Nº5

Meskisito Industrial & decaying. Maria Barrero by Francisco Segarra

Innovative gastronomy, cocktails that transmits the flavour and originality of the Mexican kitchen, one space this is the result of the collaboration between Francisco Segarra and interior decorator Maria Barrero


Interior architecture 100% FS Vintage in Forn le petit pain

Forn Le petit, a new concept in the city of castellón that unites the services of a bakery, patisserie and a cocktail lounge in a different space in the capital city. The building counts with three floors with sales service.

Forn Le petit