Retail Francisco Segarra

Retail furniture cupboard Duna

Retail furniture and hospitality furniture, as cupboard with industrial style, with drawers for storage.

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Reference 11801269/70

Stock: Available

Commercial furniture Table Barkow

Commercial furniture Barkow, with a triangular industrial design, the structure is fixed.

Reference 11801268

Stock: Available

Retail furniture solutions Maize

Retail furniture solutions Maize, rotary expository shelf, rotary exhibitor, retail store shelves.

Reference 09601063


Hotel furnishings mirror Harsum

Hotel furnishing madein iron and glass mirror with industrual style, Available black and grey.

Reference: Blk 08001045 Gry/46

Stock: Available

Real old mailbox for decoration

Old, Antique mailbox, revalued pieces nowadays in decoration and interior design, in offices.

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Reference 09601175

Stock: Available

Ceiling lights for shops Motorcycle

Lights for shops, pendant lighting as ceiling luminaires model Motorcycle, manufactured in russet.

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Reference 10901013/73

Stock: Available

Bell pendant bar lighting Sandra

Bar lighting, pendant lighting Sandra as ceiling lamps with industrial design manufactured in iron.

Reference 11801078

Stock: Available

Bike shop wall lights Morrison

shop wall lights, luminaires Morrison with bike handle shape, one wall light, cables and socket.

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Reference 10901059

Stock: Reference

Retro hospitality lighting Terra

Hospitality lighting with a retro style. Manufactured in two sizes. suspended by a shaft and a chain.

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Reference 10901053/54

Stock: Available

Retail furniture suppliers Rossello

Retail furniture suppliers as Wall shelves with hooks, ideal when creating an harmonic place.

Reference 08001309

Stock: Available

Retro restaurant furniture Velvet

Retro restaurant furniture, contract armchairs with a retro design upholstered in velvet fabric.


Stock: Available

Furniture for business Oxford

Furniture for business, a three seat sofa as lobby furniture, office furniture, reception sofa.

Reference 07001028

Stock: Available

Pouf seating for commercial business

Pouf seating furniture supply, as restaurant seating, commercial seats for the use in lobby furniture.

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Reference 11101014/22

Stock: Avalable

Contract store decorations, Trunk

Store decor for interior design of commercial spaces, also as decorative props, window dressing.

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Reference 09801017/89

Stock: Available

Jeep Wall decoration w/lights

Original commercial decoration inspired in the frontal part of the well-known car manufacturer Jeep.

Reference 15901021

Stock: Available

Industrial cafeteria table Tamesis

Industrial cafeteria tables, Tamesis, iron structure, aged technique, gears allows height regulation.

Reference 07101354

Stock: Available

Trendy commercial drawer Alphabet

Commercial drawer manufactured, cedar wood and composed by 10 drawers alphabet letters.

Reference 07101125

Stock: Available

Hospitality furniture suppliers Siena

Hospitality furniture suppliers, Industrial Metallic locker Siena , Storage lockers, industrial style.

Reference 08001208/11

Stock: Available

Contract restaurant furniture Cracovia

Contract restaurant drawer and storage shelves, hotel furniture, exhibitors made of black Wood.

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Stock: Available

Industrial restaurant furniture Garibaldi

Industrial restaurant furniture as exhibitor , store display cases, storage furniture functional and sturdy.

Reference 11801210

Stock: Available

Industrial light fixture Torgau

Industrial light fixture recuperated from the Targou Brand. Explosion proof fluorescent fixture.


Stock: Available

Contract chair for shops Butterfly

Our seats catalogue for hospitality and commercial business has a variety of chairs with original shapes.

Reference 11801257

Stock: Available

Unique antique display cabinet

Metallic antique display cabinet, original recuperated old pieces of furniture for decoration of spaces.

Reference 11901426

Stock: Available

Vintage bird cage decorartion

Vintage bird cage and interior design of stores and commercial business in general.

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Reference 11901110/10

Stock: Available

New industrial bar tables Usa

Original industrial bar tables designed with an original tripod wrench legs, bevel wood with serigraphy.

Reference 08101300

Stock: Available

original business decoration objects

Commercial decoration goes further than just adorn and decor a place of business or project.

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Stock: Available

Vintage tables for business Arsen

Inspired in the old school wooden desk. These hospitality tables Arsen, with two folding seats.

Reference 09601244

Stock: Available

Wagon wheel table industrial Catania

Wagon wheel table, restaurant tables with mango wood table top metal industrial wagon wheels.

Reference 07101553

Stock: Discontinued

Elegant vintage metal chairs Pandora, Valentina, Vasiri

timeless design are perfect for the interior design Project that follows the interior decoration trends.

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Reference 10301083/84

Stock: Sold Out

New restaurant seating Randel

Original design chairs, for the use in the hospitality industry. manufactured with wood and iron.

Reference 14001001

Stock: Available

Comfortable retro seats Marga

Comfortable retro seats with designs from the 50´s retro iconic chairs colours, charm of decade.

Reference 11901404

Stock: Available

Hospitality contract furniture, Inca land

Line of commercial furniture of Francisco Segarra designed as tradictional capenter bench.

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Reference 0980181

Stock: Available

Original contract table Darwin

Original contract table made in metalic structure and a belt attachments system, it makes an original piece.

Reference 09801078

Stock: Available

Contract Sofas and Armchairs Darwin

Contract Sofas and Armchairs with industrial style for business in general, leather and fabric cushion.

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Reference 09801079/80

Stock: Available

Restaurant dining chairs, Doris in cloth

Restaurant dining chairs made of one frame reinforced legs, manufactured in different original designs.

Reference 07101560/74

Stock: Available

Commercial pendant lighting Ottawa

Commercial pendant lighting Ottawa with industrial style and finish in bronze. attractive lamp.

Reference 08101203

Stock: Available

hotel room furniture and accessories

Hotel room furniture and accesories for hotels, hostels, rural cabins, a comfortable stay for the guests.

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Reference 08101291

Stock: Available

Clothing stores equipments Cuneo, hook, Blas

Clothing store equipment as coat racks, hotel coat racks, ideal for contract furniture solutions.

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Reference 15901052/80

Stock: Available

Commercial furniture supply Norman

Commercial furniture supply for your business needs as coat hanger and racks in clothing stores.

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Reference 08001095/90

Stock: Discontinued

Original commercial seating Caramel, Nerva, Teba

Commercial seating for interior made of steel, ideal for interior decoration needs, bench seat.

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Reference 08001285/91

Stock: Available