Waiting room Francisco Segarra

Commercial armchair, Oliver

Commercial armchair for interior design. Professional furniture for business, upholstered in leather.

23,62×30,70xh12,99/33,46 in.
60x78xh33/85 cm.
Reference 09801099

Stock: Available

Hotel lobby sofa, Oliver

Hotel lobby sofa upholstered in leather. Ideal for lobbys, waiting rooms, any commercial business.

48,03×30,70xh12,99/33,46 in.
122x78xh33/85 cm.
Reference 09801100

Stock: Available

Hotel armchairs, Noah

Hotel armchair Noah, manufactured with corduroy, metal structure and wooden armrest, Elegant.

26,37×34,25xh18,11/27,55 in.
67x87xh46/70 cm.
Reference 09801087

Stock: Available

Hotel lobby sofa, Noah

Hotel lobby sofa made of corduroy fabric and metal structure. Ideal for commercial interior design.

69,29×34,25xh18,11/29,92 in.
176x87xh46/76 cm.
Reference 09801088

Stock: Available

Restaurant chair, Sabrina

Restaurant chair model Sabina, Elegant minimalist chairs inspired in Nordic furniture designs.

16,53×16,53xh17,71/31,44 in.
42x42xh45/80 cm.
Reference 18601000/01

Stock: Available

Armchair hotel, Arnal

Armchair hotel made for two people to seat comfortable on the upholstered in brown leatherette.

39,37×31,49xh18,89 in.
100x80xh48/75 cm.
Reference 18601002

Stock: Available

Theatre seating, Cinema

Vintage theatre seats, Cinema. Seats inspired in the classic theatre style seating in old cinemas.

20,86×21,25xh17,71/35,82 in.
53x54xh45/91 cm.
Reference 08001413/414

Stock: Available

Bar upholstered bench, Argosa

Bar upholstered bench with backrest. Commercial seating for interior design, offices, waiting rooms.

47,24×22,83xh18,89/37,07 in.
120x58xh48/94 cm.
Reference 17501065

Stock: Available

Foldable cafeteria table, Havel

Foldable cafeteria table made of wood table top and metal structure, ideal for hospitality business.

55,11×27,55xh29,52 in.
140x70xh75 cm.
eference 08001409

Stock: Available

Office sofa, Tiano

Office sofa Tiano, made with metal structure, upholstered in leather. Ideal for interior design.

66,92×27,55xh18,89/32,98 in.
170x70xh48/82 cm.
Reference 17501064

Stock: Available

Plastic outdoor chairs, Julia

Plastic outdoor chairs to be used in restaurants, bars, cafeterias, caterings. Stackable and functional.

20,07×19,68xh18,11/31,49 in.
51x50xh46/80 cm.
Reference 18701000 /02

Stock: Available

Cafe chairs, Madeira

Cafe chairs made with sturdy materials, wood and metal. Recommended for hospitality use.

14,96×16,92xh17,71 in.
38x43xh45/80 cm.
Reference 13601007

Stock: Available

Restaurant armchair with tall legs, Gaucho

Restaurant armchair made of Italian leather for interior design and decoration of hotels, restaurants.

Reference 07001017

Stock: Available

Vintage cigar hospitality couch

Hospitality couch made of leather and vintage cigar colour, 2 seats couch with vintage style.

Reference 07001021

Stock: Available

Salvaged antique hospitality tables

Antique hospitality tables with a unique finish due to its wood aged process to highlight your business.

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Reference 11901576/77

Stock: Available

Antique furniture for business

Reclaimed furniture pieces for commercial interior design of shoe stores, clothing store, shoe store.

Reference 11901552

Stock: Discontinued

Danish modern furniture Naiara

This contract chair is made of a mango wood structure, combines vintage danish style from the 50´s.

Reference 11301032

Stock: Available

Wood commercial entryway bench

Commercial entryway bench to be used in interior design projects. Large vintage wood bench.

Reference 11901535

Stock: Available

Movie theatre seats Cinema vintage

Antique movie theatre seats for decoration of hospitality sector business like hotels, restaurants.

Reference 11901136/37

Stock: Available

Antique benches for hospitality

Antique benches for hospitality, furniture pieces to decorate commercial spaces with rustic look.

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Reference 11901511/101

Stock: Available

Office interior design as a key factor to increase productivity.

To be able turn an office into a cosy place is fundamental to increase the functionality of the workers. The power of interior design. To go inside Francisco Segarra´s office is to feel the essence of a parallel universe. A creative surrounding.

FS Office

Forged iron lobby benches, Akis

Lobby benches with backrest manufactured on forged iron, elegant design of commercial seating.

Reference 08001066

Stock: Available

Leatherette commercial armchairs Jesica

Commercial armchair for hotels lobby, restaurants, halls. In the hospitlaity sectore, retail or leisure.

Reference 11501007/015

Stock: Available

Brown vintage leather sofa Chester

Vintage leather sofa, 3 seater, the back rest and the armrest are the same height, brown Italian leather.

Reference 07001004

Stock: Available

Rustic wood contract sofa Ohio

Contract sofa for commercial business, restaurants, bars, waiting rooms. Ideal for interior design.

Reference 07101585

Stock: Available

Restaurant seating for sale, Tribeca

Chairs for restaurants for sale with industrial style, tubular structure with perforated backrest and seat.

Reference 11801072/99

Stock: Available

Hotel bedroom furniture Flamingo

Hotel armchair, office armchair, bar armchair, Flamingo. Recommended for hostelry and retail sector.

Reference 11001021/24

Stock: Available

Reclaimed wood shop bench Nissen

Shop bench, manufactured with reclaimed wood and iron structure. It has scoured paint and varnished.

Reference 10201005

Stock: Available

Hospitality seats Billana, Jacinta

Hospitality seats made of mango wood structure upholstered in cotton, sackcloth but with soft tact.

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Reference 11801283/85

Stock: Available

New waiting room chairs Alberta

Waiting room chairs and love seats for commercial use, structure of mango wood vintage furniture.

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Reference 11801281/82

Stock: Available

Elegant gold lobby tables, Claudia, Diara, Doloma

This auxiliary tables are functional furniture, we have a broad catalogue of contract furniture.

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Reference 08001201/94

Stock: Available

Upholstered velvet hotel armchair, Declan

Upholstered velvet hotel armchair, ideal for hotel reception, waiting rooms, lobbys. Elegant and confortable.

Reference 07001075/76

Stock: Sold Out

Upholstered lobby chair Casandra

Lobby chair casandra, unique contract chairs upholstered, ideal for lobby, waiting rooms, office.

Reference 11801276

Stock: Available

hospitality furnishings Leyton

Hospitality furnishings as waiting room sofa with wood structure, elegant upholster in leather.

Reference 07001039.

Stock: Available

Retro armchair for hotels Ottoman

Armchair and Ottoman model with acrylic structure and upholstered, velvet rhombus shape stitches.

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Reference 07001073/79

Stock: Available

Upholstered office armchair Motto

Upholstered office armchair upholstered in polyskin, it comes in different colours an with wheels.

Reference 11501010/14

Stock: Available