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Furniture ceded by FS. Witness Maestros de la Costura’s final.


A confetti burst filled the famous tailor shop set, furnished with Francisco Segarra’s sewing furniture. After 10 weeks of intense competition. The most waited moment has arrived… Alicia! The first sewing master of the show in Spain! An unforgettable talent show, with a sensational final season.

A splendid vintage tailor shop decoration, Alicia Cao was proclaimed the sewing master.

This is where Alicia Cao 23 years old, showed her talent when she won the golden mannequin. With the design of a beautiful dress, worn by Eugenia Silva, making her dream come true.

An expert jury, famous guests, 2.150.000 spectators and the most creative space of television. As the key to success to a memorable final.

Craftsmanship, dedication and overcoming. But above all much passion… Alicia was born with golden fingers. Her work and perseverance seem rewarded with 50.000 euros, the creation of her own brand, a premiere collection in the renowned Corte Ingles chain and a Master in fashion design.

After so many emotions, the time has come… folded fabric saved in FS tailor shop furniture. Each slot full of ball of wool, in each sewing craft table, a roll of string, and all the sewing storage cabinets closed.

Sewing workshop by FS

Sewing room furniture for interior design

Francisco Segarra & Maestros de la costura, with the art of promoting creativity.

Unforgettable moments, like rediscovering the magic of a lost trade, full of passion, like each challenge the participants face. A show full of emotions.

Week after week, the sewing workshop has become the house of more than one million spectators that followed the adventure. Because every spectacle deserves a majestic scene, and because Francisco Segarra’s aesthetics gets to everyone.

Maestros de la Costura and Francisco Segarra united to boost creativity in one of the most artistic set decoration the history of our brand. In RTVE, there are already thousands of people that share our passion for vintage.

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