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Casa Vicenta Tapas and Liquors.


Casa Vicenta is a tribute to those bars that resist, subsist; those that vindicate their history. An everlasting bar with traditional gastronomy and rogue drinks.

tapas-restaurantThe Concept.

Rooted in the Spanish culture, people go to the bar by inertia.  Casa Vicenta is the neighbourhood bar that´s always been there, those bars with the power to transform clients into devotees.

As the drinks go by, the dialogues turn vivacious, spontaneous literal talk, conversations about recent events or subject to philosophyze about or even brag. In occasions the secrecy of the bartender is needed.

The servings are enjoyed standing up and tapas are served in a wood board. Cured or smoked, Casa Vicenta proposes a menu of elaborated products with traditional methods and preservation techniques.

The Space.

Tasty portions served as the identity sign of the gastronomic culture of Spain, an assortment of Manchego cheese wedges; Iberic cured ham sliced by hand; anchovies from Cantabria or some ¨Pimentons en Salmorra¨ (Marinated Peppers). An ode to those Spanish regions through the traditional products, cured, matured and preserved like the attributes of the place.

A space with the artistic vision necessary to rebuild the past, redesign the memories and shape the experiences. To be able to recreate this scenery with a historic charm and half of century of history. It requires being distant with the interior design, It requires an artist soul.

To have that capacity of resuscitating materials, to successfully compose a space full of living experiences, like he shelves worn by the use, the marble bar top already opaque and the sinuous shapes of the mosaics marked by so many steps.

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In a corner, a small venue, humble and charismatic; part of a whole. Bars, cafeterias, restaurants, boutiques… spaces as real as fictitious, symbolic establishments of a historic town. The perfect pretext to make the product and its context known. Back again in that corner, Casa Vicenta, is a prelude, a moment, as passer-by’s on the way to a movie premier, or that theatrical play.

Trough a new vision in tapas bar design, Francisco Segarra proposed a new restaurant concept, an image linked to strength and to a resistant gene of those bars that doesn´t want to lock down. A Spanish restaurant that boost the gastronomy with a national and cultural identity.

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