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Our blog section  is a meeting point to get inspired, to get nourish with interesting projects in line with our business ideology, an approach to the latest trends and outstanding designs. For that reason we share with you this transgressor project boosted by the capacity of the human mind to go beyond our boundaries, always in constant search of an aesthetic experience.

WC, Wine and Charcuterie, a restaurant located in a historic architecture in the city of Clapham, UK. This building was a former 120 year old Edwardian public water closet.

Like an urban explorer the sense of abandonment and rediscovery convinced this entrepreneur to start a business in this captivating place. The building contains the promise of the unexpected, giving the opportunity to enjoy the architecture outside of their original context.

The entrance is a staircase surrounded by the original white tiles and iron gates. At first glance we see the bar which offers an interesting selection of wine and contemporary cocktails, on the side of it a ¨Charcuterie¨ with hams and sausages on display.

Private areas with leather seating booths and recuperated doors as a tables, dim lighting complemented by natural light coming from the thick glass pavements squares on the roof and candles, elegant Roman floor tiles as an ideal election due to its reflective and aesthetic properties.

The time is like an artist that uses the walls like canvas to embody unique Patterns, textures and colours. The architecture resists, now the business philosophy is the new custodian that doesn´t want to alter the glorious past, leaving the charm that the natural process of time and nature leaves behind, decay that generates perfect imperfections that narrates a story through its walls.

An imaginative interpretation in a well-executed project that encapsulate a sense of harmony with a misunderstood beauty that fills this place. A line of design with emotional bonds parallel with our vision, Francisco Segarra recognizes and admires this type of work and wants to share it with everyone in this blog.

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