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Francisco segarra´s designs for Peronda group surprised everyone in Cersaie 2016.


There are many strong ties between Francisco Segarra and Peronda, Reference companies in dynamic sectors and leaders in furniture and ceramics. The synergy of both firms remain latent in the new collection of floor and wall tiles FS by Peronda. A product that honours the original character of the antique ceramics, and the effort to take care of the details, fusioned with delicate designs of the digital printed ceramics.

Always giving value to the pass of time, designs of Francisco Segarra are exclusive pieces for the prestigious firm Peronda with our own style. Accurate wear finish that serve only as decoration, so real as the recuperated floor, so popular in past decades.

Further than this, both firms agree in the importance of being present in the professional fairs of each sector, and in the most appropriate way. Due to the ephemeral projects of the stands wich are the showcase of the brand, an opportunity to captivate the exhaustive visitor, eager for innovation and in the hunt for new trends.

There’s only one chance for the first impression.

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156,000 m2 of Cersaie 2016, got together 852 exhibitors of 43 countries, from which 164 were Spanish firms and 94 tiles manufacturer. The occupation of the fair was 100% only four months after the fair open registry, this reassures the importance of the fair. People in charge of the ceramics room for the architecture and the bathroom accessories  have talked about an assistance of 106,599 professionals and 4,7% of an increment in previous editions.

With these data, there’s no doubt that the first impression is vital and Peronda surprised again with a totally renewed space.

¨A little piece of Japan¨

Its the leitmotiv of the new presentation of the group. A tour through the most significant concepts of the Japanese tradition in a stand that was constructed with the pop up  concept, in unique installations that allows us to renew content each season.

In this occasion, the exterior is manufactured in recycled cardboard, it takes us to the traditional Japanese streets, including an Asian garden with a blooming cherry tree, since there are different spaces of the ephemeral interior design projects represented in a significant part of the Asian life to show a new exhibitor concept.

The line FS by Peronda took place in the back side of the stand to represent an authentic Fish Market Tokiota. The exclusive project of Francisco Segarra for Peronda, recreates an environment of  the most  world famous fish auction. A different space where they presented the new designs of the general manager of our vintage & industrial furniture and decoration company, they earned the welcoming of the press and attendees.

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The complicity of the brands, has taken the wall and floor tiles to upgrade after the good acceptance of the market. The creative capacity of Francisco Segarra together with the innovative vision of the tile company  has marked the road to new products like FS SAJA. A new ceramic concept in the product line of FS by Peronda, that explores new materials like the metallic embossments.

Its graphic is inspired in the rusted metallic molds that originally were used to shape the plaster of the old roofs and that Francisco Segarra sells in his line of wall and floors panels. Its innovative production technique makes it an original product and the only one in the market  when it comes to paving and facade panels.

The traditional tiles painted with Trepa technique, the colour tones traditional from the mediterranean zone, and the beautifull white and ivory enamel where the cobalt emerges and the rusted iron and magenesium, all present in a collection that looks into the past to mark a trend in the present.


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Interior design projects

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