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La Ménagère Restaurant concept, an exceptional renovation project.


In our blog section we rediscover the renovation Project of the ¨Ménagère¨ made by the architecture studio q-bic In Florence Italy.

Like any other restaurant concept, Is about a non-conventional space were different areas interfere and have to be oriented in the leisure and comfort of the demanding client of today. The decoration defines the ten different areas where to enjoy the gastronomy and the live music, where we find flowers and perfumes, even design objects which brings memories of their location, La via de´Ginori 8r, in the heart of the historic centre of the city, where the ladies of Florence in the end of the XIX century will go to get everything they needed to prepare their elegant tables.

To have available 150m2 divided in two floors and a space with a great architectonic value, where without a doubt a great advantage for the architecture studio and professional interior designers at the time to approach the interior design project.

Under the high ceiling domed roof, you can see the taste for vintage elements and the recuperated decorative belongings coexist with others more contemporary or supercool design, like the illumination elements, made mostly of hanging lamps.


The 18 meters long communal table, the naked walls and assorted chairs bet on an informal aesthetic but cosy atmosphere for the public that frequent the place, linked to the ¨Table sharing trend¨. in addition the restaurant has rectangle tables and confortable seating booths.

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¨El menagerie Bistrot¨ is a cosy place to have a coffee, relax reading a book or simply enjoy a delicious sandwich or salad. The lunch becomes an excuse and an opportunity to be in a contemporary space where the design and comfort can be tasted.

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The cocktail zone is a real experiments laboratory of our techniques of alchemy and preparation. A space … where original new cocktail flavours with unusual ingredients.

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Uniting gastronomy and nature, ¨Artemisia Flower shop¨ is a concept in an area of the restaurant, the idea to have fresh flowers available all year long like a spring corner. The colours and fragrances of the plants and fresh flowers create an ideal surrounding, an extra for the complete gastronomic experience.

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The closing of ¨El menagerie¨, the hardware store opened in 1886 and one of the oldest stores in Florence, brought melancholy to its inhabitants that feel like losing a piece of history. That wish to recuperate and relive, the name and the emblematic space, it’s the starting point of this singular space, that is reborn as a restaurant concept with an informal cosy image, keeping the historic spirit, the same way ¨La menage store¨. Accessories, tableware and design articles.

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The business is managed by ¨La Prova del Nove¨, a project pushed by the institute of hospitality training, that allows students to love a real experience where to works in the kitchen with season products that guarantee the freshness of the product to a minor cost. Being able to offer a quality menu at the reach of everyone.

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