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Francisco Segarra unveils an intrepid interior design. A unique restaurant, Nº5 burger.


It is a fact that Francisco Segarra is known for its ground breaking interior design. Nº5 Burger Garage, a twist in hospitality. Inspired in a 70’s mechanic shop, this project is 100% Francisco Segarra, reflecting the endless creativity of a pioneer design brand for professional business.

Nº5 Burger Garage. Taking the art of design of spaces to the limits.

With a one of a kind identity,  the unique restaurant Nº5 Burger Garage has become the first garage bar in Spain, a new restaurant concept. A surprising business model that doesn’t go unnoticed in the centre of Valencia.

Francisco Segarra unveils its concept, taking the art of design to the limit. With a well-cared decoration, showing its most intrepid side with character. The result is an authentic restaurant in tune with a healthy menu.

As we cross the doorstep, we sense the engine roar and the smell of gas. We wait our turn in front of an old dispenser. The waiter dressed with a working overall, show us our table. We pass in front of old motorcycles Derbie and Bultaco, situating us right in the spot. There is no doubt that we are in an authentic mechanic shop.

Travelling to a genuine mechanic shop from the 70’s.

The Citroën HY is the driving force of this project, by excellence. A gourmet food truck. In its interior, gourmet burgers are prepared, the speciality of Nº5 brand, elaborated with seasonal products without preservatives.

The unstoppable activity left its mark in the shop. The tiles in the walls shows years wear, and the varnished floor simulates grease and oil stains. Rusted iron takes over the furniture, with an aged finish. The industrial style burst into every corner of the venue.

Among metal sheets, the tools take the spotlight inside each private area, lamps filled with tools, cables hanging from the wall… Everything needed to start working! Even the tableware is designed with a wrenched shape.

A locker as a door to the reserved space, under a glass roof this area hosts all the jewels of great victories. An authentic collection of trophies, original helmet and racing suite, just like in a real circuit.

The day comes to an end under the shop lighting, the mechanic cleans its hands in a granite sink and hangs the keys in the wall… Nº 5 Burger Garage. Francisco Segarra most intrepid spirit in a unique restaurant, capable of transporting anyone to a shop in the 70’s.

Interior design projects : Restaurant Nº5 Burger Garage.
Designer: Francisco Segarra.
Commercial furniture: Francisco Segarra.
Flooring and cladding: FS by Peronda collection.

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