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Francisco Segarra, present in the 8th edition of Valencia Disseny week


The 8th edition of Valencia Disseny week (#VDW2017) took place from the 19th to the 22nd of September of 2017, coincidentally just on the same dates the Habitat Fair Valencia took place, also the 5th National association of designer (5ENAD) de READ which gave us results of the great influence and turnout of the public. During these days we can find numerous events in the city of Valencia, events related with design and creativity with the objective to show the core of design and reclaim the true and potential to boost economy, culture and social stability.

Valencia was during one week, an international design capital. Among the numerous outstanding events, the round tables Disseny coop. The event took place in the patio of the Palaus dels Mercader, sponsored by Caixa popular bank and organized by Estudi de Disseny Joan Rojoeski coop.v, Valencian federation of cooperatives of Treball Associat, Agroalimentaries federation coop. All from the valencian community; most spoke persons gave their experiences obtained among all the collaborators and designers.

Francisco Segarra wanted to collaborate trough the lending of furnishings to decorate the surroundings that hosted the speakers. The Brighton collection and Liverpool chairs were selected by the Estudi de disseny Joan Rojeski, responsible of the interior design and decoration of the surroundings with those simple lines and colour tones. The whole set blended to perfection with all the colours of the patio were the event took place.

Every year the ADCV (Association of designers of the Valencian community) works as an organization that glues all the different companies and collaborators, offering support to spread the word of design in the city, with exhibitions, prizes, showrooms, presentations, inaugurations, conferences, shops…. That helped us to discover the actual trends in the world of design.

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