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Vintage bar furniture Sewing Machine

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Vintage bar furniture, tables manufactured with the legs of a real old sewing machine. They are unique pieces. ideal for your interior decoration as contract tables, restaurant tables, bar tables.

35,43×27,55xh28,34in 90x70xh72cm Reference 07101325


Contract furniture

Commercial furniture with outlet prices

Restored and recuperated antique furniture, a true piece of art and a trend on a rise. For many a necessity.Pieces that in the past we coexisted with every day, sinuous lines with a natural charm. Pieces like old swing machines sold around 1850s. for many they are cult and collection pieces, many grew up along the sound of the stitching, now a days they are objects with a high decorative value, once the drawers full of strings are removed, leaving on plain sight the artistic value of the molten iron pedals.

Its functionality was left on the side due to the unstoppable technological advancements that equilibrates with the raise of those people that can see the true masterpiece of decorative arts, capable of transporting us to different eras. Commercial decoration hand to hand with these resources are used to attract those sustainable consumer that appreciated furniture with a second chance.


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