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Vintage brands with cutting edge aesthetics and synergy. Bunker and Francisco Segarra.


Vintage brands with creativity, a potential to do new, better or different things. Courage as a virtue in design captivating free spirits. Boldness, that quality to face challenges that require great actions. BUNKER and Francisco Segarra. Two distinguishing marks, two referents, two firms with similar criteria. One collaboration, one common denominator.

An unwavering commitment for quality and design, in support of the vintage aesthetics.

More than a philosophy, a forefront of design, BUNKER as an added value, the free spirit spreading. A breakthrough design, a brand that escapes anything conventional.

Creative, brave and bold. A leading firm with new ideas, faithful to its philosophy.

Authentic, daring, urban. This is their design, their people. With presence in different markets of the world, centred in the exclusivity for their consumers. Bunker is a referent in the shoe manufacturing for young unique people. Design and quality as a distinctive with a strong vintage tendency, as their key factors of their success.

One culture, one philosophy that we feel as ours in Francisco Segarra. Always ready to go one step further to carry out the impossible. Always with open arms to new approaches, to great allies. Our main headquarters to the service of those that share our passions and dreams.

Our showroom, our ideas, the best outreach for prestigious brands, with ideas and objectives alike. The best scenario for the collection Autumn-winter 2017 lookbook  of the firm BUNKER FOOTWEAR.

‘’ they took care of us fantastically, we could feel the complicity among the two companies that fit perfectly, since our shoe design and the furniture have that vintage touch, an spectacular result’’. (

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Vintage furniture by Francisco Segarra

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