Decorative accessories Francisco Segarra vintage furniture

Vintage decorative accessories boxes

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Vintage decorative accessories as shop props, decorative props, commercial decoration, window dressing, vintage tin boxes. all of the boxes are old and each one is unique, that is why the boxes are sold in a random way.

Vintage tin boxes aprox. 10,23×5,90xh3,93in 26x15xh10cm Reference 11901336

Antique tin boxes francisco segarra


Vintage tin boxes aprox. 7,08×4,33xh11,81in 18x11xh30cm Reference 09601370 

Shop props fs furniture


Vintage tin boxes aprox. 3,93×3,14xh7,87in 10x8xh20cm Reference 09601371 

Commercial decoration


Vintage tin boxes 1 Gallon aprox. Reference 09601371 4,33×4,33xh14,56in 11x11xh37cm

Shop props tin box


Vintage tin boxes aprox.7,08×4,33xh9,84 Reference 09601373 

Retro tin boxes


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