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Vintage decorative accessories

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Vintage decorative accessories as room separators, it has scouring colourful paint, this is ideal to be use in an interior design project in restaurants, stores, cafeterias, bars.

Vintage room separators 37,40×14,56xh71,25in 65x37xh68cm

Vintage room separator francisco segarra

Vintage room separators 48,81×3,14xh74,80in 124x8xh190cm Reference 11901432 

Old room separatorRecuperated set of windows 21,65×1,57xh42,91in 55x4xh109cm Reference 11901400 

Old recuperated windows

Recuperated set of doors 22,44×1,57xh76,77in 57x4xh195cm Reference 11901399  

Antique doors

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