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FS furniture recreates the golden age of Hollywood, MC celeb.


MasterChef Celebrity goes on the fourth show, after achieving a record of audience in its last appearance. More than 3, 3 million spectators and a 24, 1% shared, this is good data for the production of Shine Iberia, shown every Tuesday in TVE (Spanish television) that counts with Francisco Segarra collaboration by lending the furniture used in the participants room.

A success in the social networks, with the hash tags #MCcelebrity and #MasterChefCelebrity like trending topic.

Like in every collaboration we like to think that our small contribution makes part of the success predicted due to the worthiness of all the contestants, judges, hosts and the great team of Shine Iberia, Company responsible in generating original content and to make local adaptations of international productions from their catalogue of the iberic coast and headquarters of Shine Group.

ULIA LOUREIRO ISHI-KAWA, Artistic director from Master Chef has an exceptional curriculum in front of numerous and recognized scenography, made for TV shows and series. Is not hard to understand that after working as a teacher in the School of cinematography & audio-visuals of Madrid. The golden age of movies in Hollywood was used as her inspiration in the decoration of the contestant’s rooms in their first VIP edition of the culinary talent.

The most glamorous pieces from our vintage furniture catalogue are the means to represent the most important decade of Hollywood, without a doubt after the second world war, that was a significative event that marked the character of movies from that time, musical times, comedy and whodunit where there was no place for happy endings.

Francisco segarra collaborations on tv commercial interior

Master chef celebrity francisco segarra

Movies like Gilda, Casablanca, gentleman prefer blondes or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, movies with an artistic vision that marked the industry in the movies in its maximum peak and have been an inspiration in this glamorous scenery where the participants are known faces from the world of music, movies, TV or sport.

In this splendid period evident in the golden metals and quality leather of the furniture from an expert firm in vintage aesthetics that recreates a space where the contestants situated around the glamour compete for a good cause.

Francisco Segarra gives veracity required in these ephemeral spaces in the world of television and films needed to take good terms of the scenography work.           ULIA LOUREIRO ISHI-KAWA, Artistic director of Master Chef had used furniture from our firm in the past editions of Master Chef 4 and Master Chef junior 3.

¨I knew Francisco Segarra´s furniture, in a real fan of this firm, they don’t only offer solid and good quality furniture, but also elements like the second life objects or small jewels collected around the world and chosen with good taste¨

I always try to ¨Open¨ the exterior sets using elements that give the illusion of being outside the TV premises.

Despite the fact that in the scenography business is common to use materials that imitate others, I’m not a fan of that, in general and whenever i can. I try to use real materials, the light reflects against it in a different way and the result is evident. (ULIA LOUREIRO ISHI-KAWA, Artistic director of Master Chef Celebrity)

Master chef celebrity furniture

The entertainment area of TVE director, Toñi Prieto that bet on this project again but in a different way ¨We have some time wanting to do MC celebrity because it wasn’t done in Spain and we really believed it will work. It has been an experiment for the participants that have worked and suffered and I believe the audience will enjoy it.

Macarena Rey, General director of Shine Iberia, is really satisfied with the results because it was done ¨with the same ingredients of comedy and entertainment¨ and we see that ¨tough they are used to television, they experienced strong emotions, the stress that they went through and the need to pass the tests, makes them forget everything¨.

In tomorrow´s show, the contestants will participate in an auction in which they will use the time to bet in different ingredients and will have the help of Francis Paniego to make delicious plates. Also the restaurant doord will open for the twelve ex-participants of Master Chef Junior invited to try the celebrities dishes.

The warm environment in this part of the decoration where the furniture ceded by Francisco Segarra is the perfect complement of the set that pays tribute tone of the favorite cities of the artistic director , Lisboa and also her heritage country, trough lamps that represent a big Japanese tent constructed with natural wood pieces by the firm LZF, that we had the pleasure to collaborate in the LZF presentation of their latest design.

In the exterior competition Chef Paco Bello will open the doors of the kitchen in the north sierra mountains where they will have to prepare an equilibrated and nutricious meal for 30 students. In the eliminations Chef Toño Perez will show them how to cook with a pork head.

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