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The Yorker Stool as the ¨star piece¨ in decoration & interior design.


Guide for the millennial. OPEN CONCEPT. How to distribute small spaces, low cost furniture with style. Ideas to renew knowledge, tricks and solutions when it comes time to project and decorate residential spaces.

MICASA fusions, functionality and aesthetics. Their pages seduce the readers, supporters of interior design, residential decoration for apartments, chalets, lofts… Furniture and design for any type of space dedicated to habitat. Among their readers, professionals dedicated in interiors with peculiar and highly confortable characteristics.

The vintage aesthetic one more time presents as the ¨Star piece¨ Yorker. The traditional seat for any space.

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Like any other reader, we immediately see an interesting article were to establish a connection, Recycle chic, Deco-green or how to recuperate old object, associated with lived experiences that help to preserve the plane and screams style in a decoration with aesthetics and sentimental value.

The Eco decoration and the Up cycling, trends on the rise. The first recuperates pieces from yesterday that have stopped being useful to preserve that special charm that enriches the harmony of the space. The second one transforms objects without a use or destined to be trash somewhere else into an object with new value.

The OPEN CONCEPT is a new distribution that unites various environments in the same space; it’s a must among millenials, stands and furniture that boost the sensation of amplitude and favours the fluid circulation among environments, generating stylish looks.

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Factory breeze, Retro modern and vintage, coincide in numerous articles about the e design of the star piece. Stools, round auxiliary tables, mesh lamps… among others numerous pieces that has taken the firm to be on the forefront of the retail and contract furniture sector, that today reaffirm the incursion in the world of residential interior design.

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