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A brand. A book. Francisco Segarra a referent in vintage interior design.


Francisco Segarra has been consolidated as one of the leading companies in commercialization of furniture and decoration for professional projects. To achieve this great objective, the work has been steady with the persistent implication it takes. Without a doubt the key of our success resides in our passion, also providing the technical knowledge of the market, Francisco Segarra gets involved in body and soul in his work, awaking passions.

A retrospective look, a journey to the origins of creativity, Francisco Segarra´s first book.

In 6 years, Francisco Segarra has evolved tracing a rhythm of trends, surprising everyone with his own style. 6 years collaborating with prestigious brands, working on unequal projects that surprise and seduce anyone.

A trajectory that could not go unnoticed, as fruit of his work… a publication of this first 400 pages book consecrated in one of the best projects that exemplify the spirit of the brand with a recompilation of the best pieces of his catalogue.

Divided in three blocks, the book, New Furniture & Interior Design Vintage, highlighting projects, collaborations and the firm´s furniture colections.

We travel around the pages. Discovering endearing places as we fall in love with the outstanding design. Because Francisco Segarra´s passion is contagious and above all it generates dreams and sensations.

Interior design, an open door to creativity.

Full of visual stimulus, Francisco Segarra´s offices are the origins, home of the creativity of the brand, a captivating place of work were the ideas are born, they are projected and materialized. A showroom, a shop that treasure a unique world that lets the imagination loose of anyone that discovers it.

His skills took him to conceive a hamburger restaurant with a decadent interior design inspired in the 20´s and it became his first showcase in the city that witnesses the birth of the brand. Castellón as a witness of the transformation of his venues and the growth of the firm, hosting new projects under the norms of aesthetics with its own style. Nº5 restaurant, the origins. A captivating space that has great repercussion in the professional media.

Collaborations with Maria Eugenia Silva for Loft publications, editorial specialized in architecture, interior design manuals and life styles; with the book Interiores vintage de Estilo industrial as the climax of the work.

Because Francisco Segarra´s style kept on expanding trough out Spain, crossing frontiers. Finding his presence in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and shops. Making us a referent in furnishings for contract and retail. Interior designers and hostelry professionals trusted in pieces from our vintage catalogue to complete their projects. Among the pages of this book, a small tribute for all of them.

 Collaborations and congress, the design as a union link among talents.

To sponsor firms or new talents, participating in projects of companies related to the industry, sharing synergy and illusions. To help and collaborate with other professionals have always been a priority for Francisco Segarra. Exchange of knowledge and creativity other than being enriched by it. This has taken us to be present in numerous fairs, congress, editorials, commercial catalogues, Tv shows, and television series.

Decorative pieces, furniture by Francisco Segarra have been at the service of great talents, photographers and designers. Professional relations that with time have turned into personal and close connections. Exceptional collaborations that could not be left out in the pages of the book NEW FURNITURE & INTERIOR DESIGN VINTAGE. An ode to the creative plurality.

A showroom that turns into the perfect scenery for photographic sessions of the most prestigious fashion firms. Spaces that seduce designers in search of originality and exclusivity. Versatile furniture capable of adapting to all type of surroundings to recreate any space.

An imaginative universe, a contribution to design in general that you can discover when you get this book.

The furniture, our essence, our style.

Chairs, armchairs, stools, furniture, carts, lamps, decoration accessories… an extensive repertory composed by a collection of furniture with notable design.

Wood, metal, iron, leather… materials that intermingle and sprouts through the pages of the book, this style redefines by itself. The vintage & industrial inspiration is sensed in every texture, in every finish.

Recently created pieces of a recent history, saved object from old shops, factories, train stations, movie theatres…. Francisco Segarra´s furniture evokes or come from the past, memories and remembrances. Pieces with a unique undeniable decadence that is legit n numerous interior design projects.

To give shape to those designs, to have available a vintage ceramic collection are essential. Fruit of the complicity between Francisco Segarra and Peronda group, Fs by Peronda was born. Cladding and pavements, flooring that bet on an exclusive aesthetic look through those worn and aged finishes. Charming sceneries with vintage ceramics and a traditional appearance.

A catalogue with soul and history.

A book, with more than 400 pages of emotions, filling a space in the editorial world.

Books for inspirations vintage & industrialThe professionalism and the deep knowledge of the editorial world made By Architect Publications  to consolidate like an editorial packager of architectural and decoration contents. Leader in copyright sells and internationally prestigious, composed by a team of professionals. Experts with an unsuitable passion for architecture, which perceived the necessity to launch to the market a monograph about design and vintage aesthetics.

The existent editorial production, counts with editions that compiles the notable works in this field from diverse authors. In search of authority in this sector, discovering a firm with a past and a future.

Being distributed in 86 countries, this book unveils the journey of a great company, in what better way to capture 6 years of intense work and to transmit our passion for design. The opportunity to recognize the effort, the dedication and to thank to all those that intervene in our way.

Another goal reached, our first book, our essence, our roots, step by step, page by page. A reason to keep on working harder, with more vehemence.



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