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Art and Design… Vogue Living. Trendy venues, Casa Victoria, Trece.


In the womb of a media group with iconic publications around the world, an authentic lifestyle benchmark in any of their fields. When talking about Condé Nast, it to talk about journalism, exquisite photography, accurate styles and advanced rigorous information. To mention VOGUE, is to recall style, glamour and prestige. An exceptional genealogical tree, Vogue living. Sophistication and recognition with its own merits. Objects, lives, art, design… and gastronomy.

An inspiring and pulsating media; with innovative editorial concept. Its two publications a year- July and December- are distributed among the publications of Vogue Spain. Interior design, decoration, gastro trends, outstanding accommodations, exclusive businesses… a mix of contents focuses on a reader eager to savour the world.

Casa Victoria and Trece… Francisco Segarra’s mark. The best of leisure in Valencia.

Art and design… a stroll through the main Spanish cities in search of those streets that every trend hunter should know, shops are characterised in their commercial spiral and the cafe and restaurant locations to move to the rhythm of fashion.

The best of leisure in Valencia, two venues with Francisco Segarra’s mark.

Casa Victoria. Bringing back customs from the past, to place vermouth once again in style. As the furore of these bars specialised in vermouth returns thanks to a bar with pedigree. A small bar representing lived experiences, memories and traditions. A nod to a Valencia classic; the spirit of a botiga.

Trece. In the old neighbourhood of El Carmen, has become in a great leisure zone. An unusual space, among decadent and sophisticated, is boosting an alternative leisure, promoting artists, satisfying customers. Also when it comes to culture. ‘’Food and Concept’’. Gastronomy cycle, movies, fashion events, shows… Art and design in a space with a cult for vintage pieces.

Places to visit in a great city… Both a must in an amazing magazine, after a first appearance, Francisco Segarra returns to Vogue Living. The reflection of our brand in the most influential mean of lifestyles.

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