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Let’s reinvent the waiting room concept with surprising and memorable furnishings.


Despair for those who wait. Clinics, consultancies, lawyer buffets, agencies… even shops and leisure venues. There are multiple businesses that require a conditioned zone of reception and waiting area. Time is gold. Minutes pass and your turn has not arrived. Don’t wait any longer and get involved in the decoration of your waiting room!

To enrol in language courses, to look for a second medical opinion or the signing of notarized documents… Come and sit down! As you go through the door, you land in a waiting room literally frozen in the 80’s. Who hasn’t had that sensation? Damaged plants, beat down sofas, bland pictures.

In Francisco Segarra we opt for different waiting room designs where the stay feels like a breeze, a break from the fast modern life. An opportunity to think, for intuitions, for incidental ideas. Spaces where the time is relative thanks to an outstanding design.

Tedious, obsolete, anaesthetic… Cosy, current, attractive…

Cosy waiting room furniture to reduce the stress of waiting.

A good professional service starts with providing a tranquil and cosy waiting room. An enclave where to transmit, a space to predispose, to distract, to wake interest, and to catch the attention of the user, winning over the phobia of the waiting rooms with a bold interior design and unique furniture.

Reinforce the image of your business. Interior design as the main player.

From a prestigious dentist’s antiquated waiting room to trendy waiting rooms of dental franchises. The first obsolete and the other without any personality. Let’s reinvent the waiting room concept! From a common to an exclusive place. It differs from others, it’s original. The visual impact of a utopic waiting room will reinforce the perception of your services.

From Francisco Segarra we imagine a new waiting room design, understanding furniture and decoration as an entertainment element.

To feel like home, a balm for the nerves and anxiety. One o Nine tattoo parlor/ barber & Hairdresser. Barcelona.

Sofas and vintage armchairs. The warm contact of the skin with leather in this small corner that instils tranquillity before the change of look. An intentional eclectic decoration that matches with our waiting room vision.

Project: AcabadoMate. Pictures: Marcela Grassi.

The great acceptance as a prelude of an authentic gastronomic experience. El botellón. El típico del Callejón. Mexico.

Its time to have fun! A leisure venue that takes over the nightlife in the city. A popular and concurred trendy place. Its interior design has the character of an old Spanish home. There is a small cosy zone, whee the red velvet wraps us. Eager to taste the tapas and montaditos, in this pleasant stay we wait for a table.

Proyect: Manuel Habichuela.

A surrounding to boost the talent and the spirit. Chicago cubs main headquarters. United States.

The luxury fascinate us in the main headquarters of the Chicago cubs, Sponsors, summits in the city of winds. A sober and masculine environment where to comfort the stumbles and relive the great victories. Here, on the wait, we love Baseball. The perception of a great empire, inspired in the interior design of the most luxurious hotels.

Project: Stantec Architecture.

Spaces, places, enviroments… Three examples that takes us closer to an ideal. To pursue excellence trough a memorable design, to surprise and to fall in love in the first contact. Reformulating the whole waiting room concept.

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