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Wood effect tiles, marble look, concrete … Dare to play with appearances?


Playing with appearances. Briati, Omeya, Rialto, Seattle… Cement, terrazzo, marble, granite, wood… These floors are not what it seems! New porcelain tiles, designed by Francisco Segarra in exclusive for Peronda Group, with endless material and aesthetic options for commercial spaces.

Image is everything in a commercial business. When the quality of the product and the service are in equal conditions, image is everything.

The standards are higher every time. Neuromarketing tries to interpret the consumer’s mind. Businesses are presented with strategies. 85 % of the decisions by the consumer come from the subconscious. Sensations, emotions, feelings…

Tile innovation, design, distinction; to transform ordinary into something extraordinary.

A visual impact. An ingenious scheme. Briati, Ofelia, Omeya, Seattle… Resistance, durability and the capacity to clone other raw materials.

So genuine, like the material is inspired on. Cement, terrazzo, marble, granite, wood… character, elegance an authenticity to make your business extraordinary.

Porcelain commercial tiles

FS by Peronda. Design and innovation gene.

An unpublished design. Francisco Segarra’s particular creative vision. The only vintage floor and wall tiles with emphasis in the wear and aged techniques, to improve the appearance of surviving the pass of time.

Definition and details, never before seen. A porcelain that Peronda Group shows, one more time who is ahead of the game in ceramics innovations.

FS BRIATI DECOR A porcelain tile who believes it is hydraulics.

A hydraulic mosaic tile born from the duality of cement, magic and the admirable beauty of the material aging. Wall and pavement that looked like it resisted the pas of time. Reconstructed with cement, safeguarding the artisan geometries.

Vintage tiles, hydraulics look alike

FS OFELIA  Matt terrazzo also looks great.

And what a way to look great! Francisco Segarra reinvents a classic in tiles. And he makes it his way. Recreating his aesthetics and experimenting in porcelain tiles. Lackluster terrazzo, living its glorious times.

Commercial bars for business and decoration.

FS OMEYA The marble effect won’t lose its identity.

To be able to reinterpret a symbol of social distinction, luxury, wealth and power. Updating a glorious past… Welcome to the elegance and refinement of the beginning of the XX century.

Marble “macael” and “marquina” in a porcelain tile that without losing its identity presents a matt finish, where the aesthetic value is acquired by the natural wear of the stone.

White grey or black. The comeback of the square traditional format allows it to be installed how it was done back in the days, carpets, chalkboard or geometric figures.

Porcealin marble tiles for commercial business

FS RIALTO From the city heart to the office.

Unalterable and long-lasting, with a civilized nature, the cement takes over the cities and captivates those cosmopolitan souls. The urban habitat arrives to a business habitat. The cement, a day to day material, bringing modernity and personality to businesses.

Contract tiles FS RIALTO designed by Francisco Segarra

FS SEATTLE The wood in its natural state.

Noble materials, of great beauty. The wood effect tile  provides warmth and comfort. Even with a rough appearance, abandoned to its luck, exposed in the inclemency.

When design copies nature, the patrons are engraved in the pass of time and the effects of climatology, the cracks and stains, blend among the knots and grains, a natural power of attraction.

Wood effect porcelain tiles

FS brand has always been characterized for having a brave and overwhelming personality. A philosophy that takes to another level the most advanced ceramic product, playing with the materials to add value to commercial spaces.

The image is everything. At the feet of design, innovation and distinction. To turn your business into something extraordinary.

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