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Wooden Restaurant serving boards

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Restaurant serving boards made of acacia wood. Ideal for bars, taverns, pizzerias, cafeterias, restaurants, catering companies. It allows to present the food in an original way, sandwiches, fried tempuras, ham and cheeses, in individual or large portions.

Mini serving boards for hospitality sector.  

Mini square service board 5,51×3,93xh0,39in 14x10xh1cm Reference 17601022.

Mini round service board. 5,51xØ3,93xh0,39 14xØ3,93xh0,39cm Reference 17601023.

Wooden service board for hospitality sector and commercial business.

All sizes round serving boards, for hospitality industry.

19,68xØ15,74xh5,90in 50Ø40xh1,5cm Reference 17601006.  

16,53xØ12,99xh0,59in 42xØ33xh1,5cm Reference 17601007. 

13,18×13,77xh0,59in 33,5xØ35xh1,15cm Reference 17601008. 

11,02xØ7,87xh0,59in 28xØ20xh1,5cm Reference 17601009. 

Pizza serving board for restaurants.

 Rectangular serving boards for commercial business.

33,46×9,84xh5,90in 85x25xh1,5cm Reference 17601024. 

29,52×7,87xh0,59in 75x20xh1,5cm Reference 17601025. 

25,59×5,90xh0,59in 65x15xh1,5cm Reference 17601026. 

27,55×11,81xh5,90in 70x30xh1,5cm Reference 17601000. 

23,62×9,84xh0,59in 60x25xh1,5cm Reference 17601001. 

19,68×8,26xh0,59in 50x21xh1,5cm Reference 17601002. 

15,74×7,87xh0,59in 40x20xh1,5cm Reference 17601003. 

13,77×7,08xh0,59in 35x18xh1,5cm Reference 17601004.

11,81×5,90xh0,59in 30x15xh1,5cm Reference 17601005. 

Restaurant service board for commercial use.

The art of going for Tapas in Spain, now recognized as the inventor of a worldwide custom. Making Tapas the highlight of the personalized table service. Capable of captivating the actual client by means of a suggestive and alternate approach.

Traditionally Tapas seduce you; to go out and try different tapas is a gastronomic and social practice.

To be encouraged by the desire of gastronomy supported by the rise of social networks, it goes through the visual seduction, more than ever, food is perceived by the eyes… Tapas, pinchos and appetizers, plaeasure that can´t escape our minds.

For those that work around gastronomy, unpublished presentations and aesthetic assemblies of food products, the temptation, the pleasure before and during the taste of each portions as part of the success.

#foodporn set the bar real high, in the visual perception of food and the extraordinary craving.

Utensils, tableware for Hospitality industry.

Wooden service boards made of natural acacia, environmental friendly, can be used as a serving tray, to hold plates or for an original presentation for the table or bar service.

Serving boards lined and presented it with Manila paper, to hold tapas, appetizers over an exquisite presentation, upgrading the appearance of the menu, as a signal of local identity, a temptation and vice of the clients.

Care and maintenance.

In food table service, where the food comes in direct contact with the support, like the boards made of native wood acacia, can be used with estraza or manila paper, helps avoid stains, grease and at the same time offers an impeccable image.

For a prolonged use of the board, it’s recommended that the serving board’s doesn´t not come in contact with water, indicating that is not suitable for dishwasher. This boards can be cleaned using a wet rag in cold water, since hot water favour the pores to open and absorb stains and odours, finally let dry.

Is equally important to cure the boards, is recommended natural oils of different types, available in the market.

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