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The vintage legacy of Francisco Segarra brand now in the Z magazine.


Francisco Segarra received Isaac Estévez, in his showroom, interior designer, director and editor of the magazine Zeta; expert in trends, fashion and decoration. Both professionals share experiences, anecdotes and concerns that are reflected in the ¨The vintage Legacy¨.

Issac Estevéz offers the section Live&Style in the publication of Francisco Segarra as an enthusiastic person , convinced of what he’s doing, entrepreneur by nature, passionate about a job well done a business man that is surrounded by a great professional and human team that is part of the list of the firms leaders in the vintage furniture sector.

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Z Publication

We live in a moment where fast passing trends saturate us with consuming information, that erases our capacity to decide with clarity about what we like or what we need. Having this in mind with all this storm of information, Z magazine is born, with a great visual work directed by the interior designer, Isaac Estévez.

Z takes care of every detail so the lecture can be pleasant, always with expressive, elegant and modern characters, it’s one of their premises, they don’t pretend to be just another magazine, they pretend to be your magazine.

Z has come to stay, Magazine about Life and Style on monthly distributions. They are coming to the market without pretentions, with the intention to serve as a guide for all of those that wish to be informed of the best options at the moment.

Art, Design, Decoration, Economy, Fashion, gastronomy, Pleasures, Motor, beauty , Style. Are some of the different sections with experts in the topic  to offer their  point of view. Analysing the current information with a modern, fresh view and staying on the forefront.

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Isaac Estévez educated with a good narrative emphasize with Francisco Segarra and it reflects in his editorial the trajectory of the firm since its beginnings, highlighted the services and products, showing some of the interior design projects made by the brand Nº5 burguer.

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What styles may we find in Francisco Segarra?

The beginnings where clearly marked by the vintage style, followed by the industrial (…) our vintage style in ocassions flirts with the glamour or it gets close to the decaying. The deconstructed spaces are an example and a brand of identity of the firm I manage.

What are the parameters to start a project?

Each project is different and in different places, that’s why we have to analyse the needs of the client and from there the creative process starts.

When is about our own projects or concepts, what we do is generate an idea and from there develop the new concepts.

Vintage trends legacyWe heard that you collaborate with a foundation in India, Can you tell us that story?

My constant trips to India made me be closer to the culture and traditions of a disadvantaged  country. That’s why I’m immerse in what is going to be my next best project; FS foundation,  with the objective to solve hunger problems.

Art, Design, decoration, gastronomy , pleasures, life styles…. Many interesting interviews that reach their pages in the march edition of the Z magazine, if like fashion and trends, firms and innovation and live in the Valencian community, find it in your newspaper stand. If you want more information visit the official website

Vintage legacy francisco Segarra

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